We are a small Adult Only facility housing up to 12 horses on the property at a time.  All work is done by Marie, this ensure the slightest change in your horses behaviour gets notice immediately.  We are now specializing in retired and semi retired horses.

Pasture board — $330 / month +HST

Includes: hay, shelter, water, and small group turnout.

Deluxe Outdoor board  $425 / month +HST All Inclusive.

Deluxe Outdoor board $380 / month +HST Without Grain, Minerals.

Includes: Hay fed in hay shelters, grain (Celestial 13 %) fed once day. Worming done every 3 month, wormers are included in board.  Free access to shelters with a limit of 2 horses in a paddock in small shelters and 3 horses to a paddock in large shelters if we have an odd number of horses and they are a perfect match.  Free access to a heated waterer.  Minerals and salt are included.  Use of all facilities except stalls.  A tack locker is assigned to each boarders.  Additional supplements will be added to feed if supplied by the owner. Our outdoor board also includes at no extra charge, fly spraying(provided by owner), fly masking and blanketing.

Helmets are require on this property regardless of age.

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